Advanced Excel Training in Kolkata

The schedule for Advanced Excel Training in Kolkata,India .


Day 1 – Warm up & Basic Excel (Data Types & Components of Formulas), Lookup Functions including Vlookup, Hlookup, Index & Match, Logical Statements using IF, AND, OR.


Day 2 – Pivot Tables, What if Analysis (Goal Seek, Scenario Analysis & Data Tables) & Solver, Date Functions, Text Functions, Finance Functions, Macros for a non-programmer, Simulations & Stock Trending Model.


Day 1 – Basics of Sub Routines and Functions, Concept of Variable Declaration, Properties, Objects & Methods.

Day 2 – Looping Structures (For Next, Do While etc.), User Defined Functions, Uni-Dimensional & Multi-Dimensional Arrays.

Day 3 – Commonly used Macros, Debugging, Error Handling, User forms.